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We welcome contributions. Writing for us, you can change lives, reach your niche audience and achieve your professional dreams. Health Indian is a networking platform for Expert Coaches, Trusted Healers, Holistic Doctors, Psychologists, Masters and Seekers to connect to each other.


Wellness is our beat. We like stories on transformational healing; talks that motivate, advice pieces with actionable tips to improve relationships, parenting and fitness routines. We do not talk about problems but solutions, on top of that, expertise solutions.

We are not here to do sensational or sarcastic stories. We are here to improve lives. If it’s not about healthy living, it’s probably not for us.

Tone is everything! Your tone should be educational and generally positive. Look at what we’ve previously posted.


My Healing Story – You need to keep the spotlight on one time in your life; what helped you to get over your unhealthy relationship, include a personal perspective shift. Let the reader see that transformation. What was your thought process and motivation?  The more open and vulnerable you are, the more readers will be inspired and empathetic to your story. After all, it is both – struggles and victories – that make a life.

Psychology – Yes, we do know psychology is still enjoying a ‘start-up’ phase in India. Mostly because Indians confuse the word psycho with “mad”.  With such low EQ levels, the average Indian prefers to visit a Godman who can quickly provide a ‘quick fix’  than getting analyzed over “what is it that we can improve in our lives – PRECISELY BY OUR OWN EFFORT.” Do you have it in you to change the Emotional Quotient of India?

Ancient Techniques – Are you a Mind Body Expert/ Vaastu Consultant/ Astrologer/ Numerologist  etc. who can make a point with factual reason and rationality, merge science with spirituality, share tips and stories of people who managed to change their lives through anything that’s still a mystery to most people.

Alternative Medicine – Are you a naturopathic doctor, dietician, and fitness expert or know anything about energy medicine that Indians need to know – Now! Can you write anything about changing one’s mind to regress dis-ease? Do you know anyone who has done that and how?

Talks – We cover, translate and share videos with transcripts. These are people who have devoted their lives in mastering their field.  Intelligence is rare and we respect that, more so to spread it and influence others.


Do’s :

  • Come up with a great title that can grab readers’ attention. A title that makes one want to read your piece: Ask – what problem does my article solve? How will reading this make someone’s life better?
  • Write a crisp opening: Does the first few sentences make the reader want to continue? Does your first paragraph tell the reader succinctly what the article will be about? Provide tips readers can implement easily.
  • Write in your own voice: Be natural. How would you explain your idea to a good friend? Use that conversational tone when you write.
  • The article should at least be 500 -1000 words. Currently, we are accepting articles both in English and Hindi.
  • Source all health claims: If you mention a study in your piece, include a link to that source. If you claim a certain food is healthy, tell us how you know about it. Provide Source links of other websites.
  • Photos must be high-quality. Each photo should be labeled with what it is demonstrating. If you have a short video (no longer than 5 minutes) illustrating the activity, we would love to include that in the post too.
  • Submit only one post at a time: We read every submission we receive but we are a small team and can’t respond to every submission. If your post has been accepted, we will respond within 14 days. If your post has not run within two weeks of submission, we have passed it. Do Feel free to submit a different post after 14 days.
  • To Submit : Do Write down Your full post with a working title.Please send this within the body of an email. Any relevant images for your post. (Send as separate files, not pasted within a doc.) A photo or headshot of you to use for your bio. Your  bio (120 words or less) with links to your website, Facebook and Twitter pages so that we can give your moment to shine through.
  • By submitting to Health Indian, you acknowledge that you accept our terms and any form of editing the Health Indian editorial team deems necessary.

Don’ts :

  • Do not Send SEO-driven submissions: We can’t use our reader base or references that promote a business or service not in line with our philosophy (e.g. a skin whitening gimmick).
  • Posts must not be published or submitted elsewhere online (including even your personal blog) or be slated for distribution on other sites.
  • Make sure the article is not a press release or promotional in nature.

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