Why Men Cheat and Have Multiple Partners

Why Men cheat and Have Multiple Partners

Why Men Cheat and Have Multiple Partners

Evolutionary psychologists say that both males and females have a conditional human tendency for promiscuity. Read the last once again. It says, conditional human tendency.

Thus, a man mostly falls for many or the other woman given he feels unsatisfied at either sex or thrill. It is true that men are more inclined to promiscuity, biologically.

As a hunter-gatherer species, promiscuity helped men sow their seeds far afield for the tribe to continue. A birth of a boy meant an added help to fight wars and collect food.

Just because men are hardwired for promiscuity, doesn’t make it impossible or unnatural for them to have life-long relationships. For our sexual behavior has an awful lot to do with the ability to think.

We can use ‘reason’ in our sex lives. Hunger is an instinct, but we don’t pounce on somebody’s plate just as we feel hungry. We make ourselves able to earn. We buy food, cook it and then eat. Instincts are completely controllable.

There is also a difference between Good sex partners and lots of sex partners.

Male promiscuity has got a lot to do with women’s inability to keep themselves fit and proper. It has been researched that women who are open minded about the whole concept of intercourse and those who wear fancy lingerie are less likely to be cheated.

Men being ‘visual’ don’t get attracted to freckled hair and shabby clothes.

Although, it would be completely silly to say that only those men cheat who have nagging wives. Promiscuity is widespread in men who have it all – money, fame and a beautiful wife. Hugh Grant, Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods have all been there, done that.  Perhaps, this is Why Men Cheat and Have Multiple Partners

Though, these are men who were seduced by power, not sex. A successful feeling of being able to get whatever ‘I’ want puts a man on the foothold of making improper advances. Sadly, we can’t shy away from male promiscuity.


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