When a Small Town Girl Fell in Love

When a Small Town Girl Fell in Love

When a Small Town Girl Fell in Love

Rohini was born and brought up in Bikaner, a small town in Rajasthan. Having topped in Rajasthan Boards, her parents agree to let her study in SRCC, Delhi.


The small town girl feels scandalously excited about the whole Delhi thing. Once in the capital, she starts falling for Jasbinder, a cool Punjabi stud. On their third date, Jasbinder stops the car at a secluded place, switches off the headlights, take his mouth to hers and say, ‘May I?’ Rohini smiles sheepishly. Things follow.


He slips his hands under her shirt and unhooks the hooks, softly caressing her frontal assets. Pleasure.


Just as Jasbinder take his hands down there, Rohini feels she should stop him – right now! She jerks his hands back. He persists. She pushes him again.

When a Small Town Girl Fell in Love
When a Small Town Girl Fell in Love

‘Whhhaaattt?’ Jasbinder yells.

‘I think we are going too fast. It is our third date,’ she says calmly.


‘Or maybe you don’t love me as much as I love you.’

‘I do love you Jassi. I really really like you. But I need some time for this.’ Rohini says firmly.


Jasbinder clenches his teeth and says, ‘Or maybe you are not so sure about me.  While I’m ready to give you everything that I own, you can’t even…’ Rohini embossed a deep kiss on his lips and says, ‘I do love you but, but I don’t feel doing ‘it’ appropriate, as of now.’


‘Oh! You just don’t care Rohini. You just don’t!’

‘I do!’

‘All what you think is of you, yourself and your ideals.’

‘You know that I care about you.’

‘Oh really? Then why would you stop me from loving you. Tell me why?’

Rohini checks with herself and stares at Jasbinder for a long while. That night, Rohini returns to her hostel – with a slight burning sensation down there.


She feels relieved and unburdened. She gave love in lieu of love. She gave him her body in lieu of his body. She feels happy, recalling the words Jasbinder had told him, ‘There is nothing wrong in expressing.


This relationship between Jasbinder and Rohini lasted for three weeks. Jasbinder had now found Niharika. Rohini cried. Rohini howled. Rohini begged.   The intelligent girl from Bikaner could very well be heard saying, ‘All men are dogs.’

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