How a Baby’s Gender is Determined

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What are girls made up of? Sugar and spice, and everything nice, goes the nursery rhyme. Lovely things apart, we are made up of 46 chromosomes. We receive 23 chromosomes from our father and 23 from our mother. Our mother’s egg is always the carrier of X chromosome. It’s kind of a fixed setting, you know. If our father’s 23rd chromosome is also an X chromosome, we are born. A girl. A female. The XX baby. yes, this is exactly How a baby sex gender is determined


This means that it is the ‘male side’ that determines the sex of the baby. But if you gauge it in actuality, even men don’t have any control in the kind of chromosome that they pass on. Just as we don’t have any control on the color of hair we are born with, we don’t have any control on the gender of our children. After around sixth week, when a female fetus starts developing genitalia, her brain and body starts receiving doses of female hormones. She starts developing emotional responses. Her brain starts getting hardwired to being girly-girly right inside the fetus itself.


Until the 20th century, males and females were considered equal in their abilities. Now, with the advent of advanced computer brain scanning, it has become crystal clear that we are guided more by our ‘instincts’ and less by behavioral conditioning. A boy would behave like a boy even if he is being treated like a girl! This being said, our gender specific attributes do not make us any better or worse – just different. How a baby sex gender is determined

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