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Are Girls Women Bad At Mathematics

Why are Girls Bad in Maths – Many boys and girls go for bike racing. Boys win. Girls whimper, crying foul that boys must have cheated. In actuality, it’s very healthy of girls to lose to guys when it comes to spatial and navigational skills. It explains the fact that the girl is ‘girly’ to the core.


As hunters, the strength of a man was determined by his ability to make a kill. Men went far away from the safe confines in search of food; trying to hit an animal with a pointed rock from an outlying distance. This enhanced their geometrical skills and adapted their minds to take risks. Survival in the toughest environments evolved them to reason super fast.


Modern aptitude test like CAT and JEE tests aptitude and logical reasoning, the sub parts of spatial and navigational skills. CAT doesn’t judge a student by her cooking expertise; neither does JEE distribute marks for comprehending moods and emotions.Girls lack self-confidence in mathematics problems than boys. Boys have an edge over these tests because their brains are ‘biologically hardwired’ to answer such questions. Engineering and management tests test the following:


  1. Is the student capable of HITTING the right answer?
  2. Can a student choose and AIM at the right question?
  3. Can a student take the RISK of solving a lengthy question?
Girls bad in Maths

Hitting, aiming and taking risks are all related to hunting skills. Not many girls make it to IITs and IIMs. In fact, girls are an extinct species in premier institutes. No doubt, if a premier college starts giving a substantial weight-age on essays that evoke emotional responses, girls would rule professional education. Males dominate the sphere of scientific research. Electricity, telephone, railway, airplane, car and computer were invented by men. Marie Curie is the only female scientist many know of, you know.


Thousands of years ago, humans were born with a tail. It wasn’t of any use to humans.  Slowly and steadily, it ceased to be a part of our bodies. Women didn’t practice spatial skills, which is why our capacity to park a car and learn mathematics is lower than men.


It doesn’t compute the fact that girls can never evolve to be sharp in Math and Physics. Over time, it can be done with persistency and consistency. However, the bigger question is – How far can an average woman go to alter genetics, that has been conditioned otherwise for thousands of years?




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