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Why Do women love bad boys

Bad Boy Attraction Secrets Years after Aishwarya had a break-up with Salman, she spoke of him in a few words for a glossy, stating, ‘Salman is not that kind of a guy (bad). I just thought that I could change him.’ The problem lies in the fake feeling of over-confident emotion, that a girl can either ‘change’ her man or ‘control’ him through his sexual needs.


Why Do women love bad boys A nice girl views a bad boy as a project, someone she can help fix.  A good girl literally absorbs a bad boy for her own needs. Girls, especially good girls have an innate urge to give; in the bad boy, they find the perfect taker.


In return, the bad boy introduces the girl to a world she thought never existed. A world that has no place for inhibitions that is so peculiar in the family. The ye mat karo-who mat karo thing. The bad boy introduces the girl to fun and freedom, to love and sex. And as we all know, love and making love gives the goody-goody feel. He gives the charge of his life to her, which boosts her ego, thereby making her feel confident and superior. Having the art of manipulation down to perfection, he further challenges the girl’s ability to give. The good girl keeps on offering, until one day when she looks in the mirror and feels she is being used.

Bad Boy Attraction Secrets


So how do bad boys make girls slip? Unlike responsible men, bad boys never take the blame on themselves. They blame others – with guilt imbibing words that can range from:

YOU don’t care.

YOU aren’t sure.

YOU don’t love me.

The next tool is fear. A woman’s strength is determined by her ability to keep everyone happy, especially her man and her children. Disharmony with her man attacks her nurturing skills. She begs. She pleases. She does what he wants her to do. There are less of big virus outbreaks and natural hazards. It is the bad guys who are getting more professional in doing attacks!


This fear makes her stay either longer or fall for another guy as an immediate solace. If a girl has had more than three back-to-back failed relationships, the issue isn’t with the men she dated, it’s with her.


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