5 Secret Ways to Make A Man Fall In Love

5 Secret Ways to Make A Man Fall In Love

5 Secret Ways to Make A Man Fall In Love

Most women want their men to have feminine attributes like being loving and caring. Unfortunately, such traits are found only in gay men! Whether you would like to hear it or not, an average man is far from feeding the children, doing the laundry, helping in the kitchen and being together without seeking any sexual gratification. Making a man fall in love is similar to catching a fish. For fishing, one has to have a clear understanding of the fish’s likes and dislikes. Over thousands of years, fishes evolved to like worms. You can’t catch a fish by applying your preferences to the fish’s taste buds. A fish won’t start swimming to you at the sight of idli or pizza. Likewise, you can’t apply ‘what attracts women’ to ‘what attracts men.’


  1. Men Like Confident Women – Make A Man Fall In Love

Most girls feel threatened in the presence of a very beautiful woman. The mind shoots out two negative declarations. One is why wasn’t ‘I’ born beautiful.  Other is the fear of losing one’s partner to a better potential. Men being visual do look at beautiful women. However, that doesn’t mean that they desire the same woman. When a man is making love, he isn’t concerned about two pounds of flab at the belly. It’s women who highlight their flaws over and over again, turning off men. An average looking woman who is full of confidence and humor is far more appealing than a sadistic pretty face. ‘My sari’s pin is not matching to the color of my sari and hence I am not feeling confident’ is downright dumb!


  1. Play The Mystery Girl – Make A Man Fall In Love

How To Make A Man Fall In Love.Boys have a toy fixation. Even as babies, they play with ‘one’ toy for a very short span of time while girls can dress the same doll for ten years. Boys get bored of the same toy as there is nothing more to ‘explore’ in it. Exploration intrigues them, wanting to know more. Men fantasize Aishwariya more than Preity Zinta, who is long forgotten. Aish never talks about her personal life. Preity always talked about anything she was asked about. A woman who reveals herself completely signals to a man that he is going to be a silent listener all his life. And being forced to be silent equates to playing dumb (weakness), and men are all about strength. Also, in an initial phase of a relationship, men seldom speak about their financial status, physical strength or sexual prowess, for any lack of it makes woman give ‘unwanted’ advice.


  1. The Law of Scarcity – Make A Man Fall In Love

Just as when you are convinced you have won him over and he likes you, start being a little less available. Let his like convert into love. Give him some time to miss you. Most women ping, text or call their men 10 times a day and then complain that their men don’t miss them. Like you gave him any ‘free time’ to miss you? If you walk outside your door and find a huge pile of diamonds every day, would you consider diamonds precious? Practice absence. Instigate his desire buttons.


  1. Bid Goodbye to Attitude – Make A Man Fall In Love

Many girls throw tantrums for dumb reasons. This is usually intentional to project that ‘I am hi-fi’. If the guy is dumb, he keeps paying the high cost. If he has any sense of self worth, he dumps the Daddy’s girl who isn’t yet ready to play a man’s wife. Being a girlfriend is easy. Being a wife comes with maturity and responsibility. Men are clear in what they want: A spouse, not a child.


  1. Play Hard to Get – Make A Man Fall In Love

A man needs immediate sexual access for a fling, not for a long term relationship. No sensible man would want to marry a porn star. He might consider the opportunity to have her for a ‘service session’ but not for a committed association. A man might fantasize Sunny Leone but wouldn’t want her to mother his children. Not giving in easily reflects that the woman won’t cheat the man even in the most extreme conditions. He wants his children to be his and a high ‘control’ power assures faithfulness.


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5 Secret Ways to Make A Man Fall In Love

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