5 Biggest Things that Turn on Men In Women

Things that Turn on Men In Women

5 Biggest Things that Turn on Men In Women

When a girl is single, she assesses a boy’s ability to ‘take care’ of her, almost in a computerized manner. It’s like car hai? Mark yes. Dimaag hai? Mark yes. Does he make me laugh? Mark yes. Does he wants me as much as I want him? Mark yes. Now, I’m ready to give myself to him.

However, men are different in their assessment. Sometimes, a highly intelligent man can lose control over a forthcoming prospect. Since a man’s assessment is hugely based on ‘physical attributes’, a girl has to first please a man’s eyes to be considered compatible for an emotional threshold. This is why a woman has to pass through the short-term list to be considered compatible for a long-term assessment.


 1.70 Hips to Waist Ratio: Things that Turn on Men In Women

Only dogs like bones, men like curves. A wafer thin figure that looks like clothes dangling on a hanger doesn’t impress them much. This means that even if a woman is slightly fat but curvaceous, she would be preferred over size zero. Kareena put on weight when all her films flopped in her size zero avatar. There has to be some flesh for the other person to feel it, you know.


  1. Cleavage: Things that Turn on Men In Women

The trouble with censors is that they worry if a girl has cleavage. They ought to worry if she doesn’t have any – Marilyn Monroe once said. Late teens and early twenties are men’s favorite for breasts, as this is a woman’s reproductive peak. Floppy, lopsided and sagging breasts don’t catch attention.


  1. I Want You Clean and Tidy: Things that Turn on Men In Women

Men desire a clean woman, for a dirty house denotes a diseased offspring. Higher the dirt, higher the chances of HIS children getting ill. While a man might not take bath for days on end, he wouldn’t want his woman to stink. Not fair, but that’s how it is.


 4.A Smiling Face: Things that Turn on Men In Women

Some fool once said that there is nothing more beautiful than a beautiful woman’s sad face and all women followed suit. Here is a gospel truth – men don’t approach sadistic women. A smiling face is a ‘green’ sign. It reflects that the girl has no inhibitions about small talk. A smiling face reflects an open mind. This is why men love blondes, for their ‘openness’. Smile.


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5 Biggest Things that Turn on Men In Women


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